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Your Leadership Legacy Podcast with Tina Paulus-Krause

Jun 8, 2020

Dawn Marie Bornheimer is a published author and industry leader with a unique combination of interpersonal, business and strategic skills. Her 17 years of professional experience have taken her from classroom teacher to world-class sales and marketing executive. Currently, the Regional Director of Partnerships for Kognito, a health simulation company that developed role-play simulations where users engage in conversations with virtual humans and learn how to lead similar conversations in real-life that result in improved social, emotional, and physical health.  

As part of Dawn’s mission is to serve others, she is an active contributor to several for-purpose organizations to include: The Ulman Foundation, Give Her Courage, Ellevate Network, International Association of Women, and Women Education Leaders in Virginia.  Whether it is support through sport, fundraising, public speaking, or empowering others to share their stories, Dawn seeks to live with intention and purpose daily.