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Your Leadership Legacy Podcast with Tina Paulus-Krause

Jun 8, 2020

Kim Campbell is a fierce warrior in every aspect of her life. I am still in awe from our conversation.   

Most widely recognized for her combat experience in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Kim “Killer Chick” (KC) Campbell received the Distinguished Flying Cross for Heroism when the airplane she was flying while supporting ground troops was hit with a  surface to air missile. She was able to successfully save her wounded A-10 aircraft and recover back to base, a daring feat only accomplished successfully  once before.   

Kim is a distinguished graduate from the United States Air Force Academy. She is a Marshall Scholar with two master's degrees, one in business administration from the University of London, and one in international security studies from the University of Reading, England. 

She has served as a Squadron Commander, Operations Group Commander, Air Force Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, and Military Assistant to the Under  Secretary of Defense for Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. She is a  command pilot with 1,800 hours in the A10, including 375 combat hours. She has  flown combat missions in Operation Southern Watch, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi  Freedom. 

Kim is still serving in the Air Force, currently assigned to the United States Air Force Academy as the Chair, Airpower Innovation & Integration, Department of Military and Strategic Studies. She is married to Colonel Scott Campbell and has two sons.